About us
Who are we?

RSI Fund - the platform on which business plans from ideas pererastayut in a steadily growing business, investor and multiply your capital.

We bring investors and entrepreneurs with a
promising ideas. Here you can:

under the idea

Find a profitable

Why successful
people choose RSI

RSI is the Fund. It focused funds
its founders and private investors.
This gives you the opportunity to diversify
the funds and earn income. Any private
investor, even with a small capital
can become part of a team.

The investor can:

Invest in a single project
To choose other methods of investing (classic, srednevekovyi and high-risk portfolios)
Build successful communication with entrepreneurs during the implementation of the project by the founders of the business projects supported by RSI
<b>to Invest in some projects</b> (having a stake in the business)
To fasciculate profit and to support RSI at the start when choosing a project: RSI conducts market analysis and audit, calculates risk, and informs the investor about the profitability of future projects

Entrepreneur with an interesting idea:

<b>Find an investor or several investors</b>
Get from RSI support at the start: the packaging business, marketing and legal support with the help of a professional team of the Foundation, consulting startups
<b>Build successful communication with investors when</b> support for RSI during the implementation of the project
<b>to Expect security: the idea belongs only to him,</b> and this is confirmed by the necessary documents

The mission of RSI

Investment company \"RSI Fund\" Culture of investment is strategically important for our and future generations. That is why we, team rukovoditelei RSI Fund, decided to make Our offer available to everyone.

Our experts are engaged in investitsionnoi activity in the market of credit debt in 2013, so the idea of creating otkrytoi platform (open api platform) to attract and allocate investment funds of private investors, we have grown and we have something to offer you.